TECH is the IT in selling your home...

Here are the facts, Jack...

The old news is that:

Buyers can see most homes for sale on or before they ever speak with a real estate agent.

Buyers can fill out loan applications with all sorts of online mortgage service companies without ever speaking with a lending officer.

But Buyers still can not make it to the finish line, i.e., make an offer, go under contract, inspect their prospective home, appraise and then close...without working with real estate professionals. Yet.

Here's some NEW news:

Realogy, a national real estate franchise just partnered with Amazon, launching today in 15 major real estate markets will offer services thru Amazon like painting, remodeling and several items normally associated with real estate improvement.

It appears that a Buyer could actually close thru this Amazon-relative and achieve quite a lot of repairs and maintenance on their new home just by buying and selling thru Realogy. Maybe.

We are investigating and we will get back to you with the real facts later this week...

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