Covid many changing variables to manage…

Are you keeping your family safe...are you safe? Do you have enough cash to weather another you have any income other than the job that might be put on furlough again? Are your kids going to get better at learning in their remote classrooms? How are you going to manage work and remote education with the kids?

These are shifting and challenging times. The only security is cash at the present, because the stock market is fluctuating, people’s income is fluctuating and at the end of the day...we need to take care of our families.

I am a real estate investor. I create long term wealth by creating passive income via real estate.

You can invest as well, you just need to know how to do it…

Investment loans need $ down (20%). If you have the room in your current home mortgage, you can stockpile cash in a cash out refinance and in 3 months you will be able to purchase an investment property.

There are lots of ‘rules’ about successful real estate investing and I can help you with that as well…

We have been purchasing rental properties for over 30 years and I can teach you how to not just survive...but this covid economy.


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