“A crisis is a terrible thing to waste" -Stanford economist Paul Romer

Have you ever been ready...when a recession hit? Ready to invest...ready to scoop up properties that are now STEALS and build your wealth by buying assets and developing passive income for a “someday” retirement?

I haven’t. I am always in the recession, in the thick of it, working myself to death.

This time...not so much.

Cash is KING...and luckily, I have it. I refinanced my property and have loaded up to buy when the time is right. And it is coming.

You. Should. Too.

It is time to be thinking ahead and stockpiling cash so that we are in a position to buy low and make $$.

Here are the rules:

Your cash has to be ‘seasoned’...in your account for at least 3 months--so refinance NOW.

Your credit has to be over 680

Appraisal has to be 20% over what you want to borrow for a cash out refinance--so refinance NOW while prices are high.

That’s it. A cash-out-refinance will get you the down payment on one or more rental properties that can pay you when you aren’t even working. Passive income is the only way to take control of your life...stocks go down in a heartbeat, retirement package goes away when your company goes belly up, and salary is gone when layoffs occur over covid.

If you are interested in building wealth, which by definition is “the # of months you can live the way that you want to live on the money that you are making/have”...NOW is the time.

How long do you think this Covid-fake-Economy in the real estate market is going to last? Everything is related...and right now real estate is high and fast, but only temporarily.

All economic indicators point to a serious recession.

So get ready. Call us for the lowest interest rate to refinance your property...passive income is the only way to take control of your income.


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