Covid many changing variables to manage…

Are you keeping your family safe...are you safe? Do you have enough cash to weather another you have any income other than the job that might be put on furlough again? Are your kids going to get better at learning in their remote classrooms? How are you going to manage work and remote education with the kids?

These are shifting and challenging times. The only security is cash at the present, because the stock market is fluctuating, people’s income is fluctuating and at the end of the day...we need to take care of our families.

I am a real estate investor. I create long term wealth by creating passive income via real estate.

You can invest as well, you just need to know how to do it…

Investment loans need $ down (20%). If you have the room in your current home mortgage, you can stockpile cash in a cash out refinance and in 3 months you will be able to purchase an investment property.

There are lots of ‘rules’ about successful real estate investing and I can help you with that as well…

We have been purchasing rental properties for over 30 years and I can teach you how to not just survive...but this covid economy.

Have you ever been ready...when a recession hit? Ready to invest...ready to scoop up properties that are now STEALS and build your wealth by buying assets and developing passive income for a “someday” retirement?

I haven’t. I am always in the recession, in the thick of it, working myself to death.

This time...not so much.

Cash is KING...and luckily, I have it. I refinanced my property and have loaded up to buy when the time is right. And it is coming.

You. Should. Too.

It is time to be thinking ahead and stockpiling cash so that we are in a position to buy low and make $$.

Here are the rules:

Your cash has to be ‘seasoned’ your account for at least 3 months--so refinance NOW.

Your credit has to be over 680

Appraisal has to be 20% over what you want to borrow for a cash out refinance--so refinance NOW while prices are high.

That’s it. A cash-out-refinance will get you the down payment on one or more rental properties that can pay you when you aren’t even working. Passive income is the only way to take control of your life...stocks go down in a heartbeat, retirement package goes away when your company goes belly up, and salary is gone when layoffs occur over covid.

If you are interested in building wealth, which by definition is “the # of months you can live the way that you want to live on the money that you are making/have”...NOW is the time.

How long do you think this Covid-fake-Economy in the real estate market is going to last? Everything is related...and right now real estate is high and fast, but only temporarily.

All economic indicators point to a serious recession.

So get ready. Call us for the lowest interest rate to refinance your property...passive income is the only way to take control of your income.

Did you know that interest rates are about as low as they can possibly go? If you have credit card debt or high interest debt that is bogging you is the time to consider a serious cash flow improvement. How high is your credit card? 10%? 20%? Roll your debt into a 2.85% interest rate that could decrease your expenses by $100s of dollars per month.. The longer you wait...the more interest you will pay.

Did you know that you can use your home like a credit card at the lowest rate possible? It is part of why buying your own home is so important. Your house gives you the leverage to improve your credit, your wealth and your cash flow.

Interest rates are quite volatile right now....we could book you at 2.75% in the same hour as we have a full time ‘Rate-watcher” whose only job is to shop and lock when the rate hits our target goal.

We know that lots of brokers lock as soon as they receive your file...but that isn’t working in your best interests--that is just getting them paid.

We are Mortgage Planners...which means that every task we employ is working towards your future goals...not just today’s needs. When you refinance with us, we will make sure that you know how to pay your loan down as quickly as possible using your current income and current expenses. Our goal is to build your wealth...not to increase your debt.

Did you know what the word ‘wealth’ really means? It is the amount of cash you have working for you to pay your expenses for X amount of months. The ‘X’ is the number of months you can carry your expenses while not employed.

If that X is a low number...we want to work for you to increase it. Real estate is the only way to make $100,000’s of dollars in a passive income process. The only way.

If we can help you with a refinance and decrease your monthly expenses...we are grateful. If we can help your cash flow so that you can retire earlier...we are ecstatic!

If you are interested in reducing your expenses and increasing your wealth, then please connect with us...we know that we can help you. We have debt reduction plans for every scenario, and our success rate is unbeatable.

Take advantage of our interest rates that you can invest when the opportunity arises...we can help.

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