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Need Some Quick Cash?

Did you know that interest rates are about as low as they can possibly go?

If you have credit card debt or high interest debt that is bogging you is the time to consider a serious cash flow improvement. How high is your credit card? 10%? 20%? Roll your debt into a 2.85% interest rate that could decrease your expenses by $100s of dollars per month.. The longer you wait...the more interest you will pay.


Did you know that you can use your home like a credit card at the lowest rate possible? It is part of why buying your own home is so important. Your house gives you the leverage to improve your credit, your wealth and your cash flow.


Interest rates are quite volatile right now....we could book you at 2.75% in the same hour as we have a full time ‘Rate-watcher” whose only job is to shop and lock when the rate hits our target goal.


We know that lots of brokers lock as soon as they receive your file...but that isn’t working in your best interests--that is just getting them paid.


We are Mortgage Planners...which means that every task we employ is working towards your future goals...not just today’s needs. When you refinance with us, we will make sure that you know how to pay your loan down as quickly as possible using your current income and current expenses. Our goal is to build your wealth...not to increase your debt.


Did you know what the word ‘wealth’ really means? It is the amount of cash you have working for you to pay your expenses for X amount of months. The ‘X’ is the number of months you can carry your expenses while not employed.


If that X is a low number...we want to work for you to increase it. Real estate is the only way to make $100,000’s of dollars in a passive income process. The only way.


If we can help you with a refinance and decrease your monthly expenses...we are grateful. If we can help your cash flow so that you can retire earlier...we are ecstatic!


If you are interested in reducing your expenses and increasing your wealth, then please connect with us...we know that we can help you. We have debt reduction plans for every scenario, and our success rate is unbeatable.


Take advantage of our interest rates that you can invest when the opportunity arises...we can help.

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